WPNY Anesthesia

What patients are saying about WPNY


An amazing group of doctors who show their dedication and expertise each and every day. Thanks for all your hard work, your commitment to quality, patient care and your ability to do a tough job with a sense of humor.
— Letter from Patient AZ

Dr. Goren was great, very proficient and professional - he did a wonderful job making me comfortable and at ease!
— Email from Patient BC

Having a baby is stressful, and I was really worried about getting an epidural. My anesthesiologist was friendly and so quick that I barely felt the epidural go in!
— Email from Patient SG

I was in a great deal of pain following my knee injury. My anesthesiologist gave me a nerve block, relieving my pain. Dr. Cullen kept me safe and I recovered quickly.
— Patient letter from LT

WPNY has taken care of me twice in the past 3 years. Each time my anesthesiologist was caring and comforting, as well as professional. I have complete confidence in this group.
— Patient Letter from ST